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The most engaging 360 degree interactive virtual event platform on the market

Virtual Events like no Other

The future of virtual events is more dynamic than you’ve ever dreamed

We’ve moved past zoom meetings and online web portals and into a 360-degree immersive experience, filled with rich content, movement and personality that will show off your brand like never before. Wherever your imagination takes you, we can take your event.

Full exhibition and conference solutions

Attendees can now walk around and interact with your virtual exhibition, just like being there

For full conference/exhibition organisers we have built a full digital convention centre. Like a real world venue this will have spaces for exhibitions, theatres, breakout sessions, community lounge chat and registration.

Features: Connect, Share, Experience

With features the real world can only dream of to help drive your ROI.

360 interactive content

Content that is interactive and is engaged with, has been proven to have the highest retention levels. The Virtual Event Spaces experience allows users to guide their own journey through your space and feel part of your brand.

Live Video or Text Chat​​

Just because your event is virtual doesn't mean your experience cant include face to face communication. Have one of your sales team online during the event and attendees can instantly communicate with them via video or text chat.

Welcome Concierge

Like a your real world event, you always want someone at front of house to provide a polite greeting and introduction. Select your preferred concierge and provide your script and will will add your custom made host to your event.

Direct Purchasing

Don't let a warm lead disappear without giving them a purchasing option. Link your rich content in your experience directly to your e-commerce website or we can build it for you.

Improved Data Analytics

Data capture and analytics are critical to maximise ROI. With a virtual event, you don’t have to rely on business cards in a bowl or trying to make sure you scan the nametag of every visitor to your stand. Virtual Event Spaces sites capture hugely useful information such as, what attendees showed the most interest in, as well as standard demographics and contact information.

3D Interactive Products

Show your product in a way not available in the real world. 3D versions of your product can be created that allow attendees to see the inner workings in stunning high definition. See customisation options to find detailed information.

Video Content

The most highly consumed content in the world today, video is also the most highly retained. You’ll be able to tell stories in more detail and with more emotion than still imagery, without the density of copy heavy content.

Make your event 4D

Send your pre-registered attendees a package that includes something to kick their senses into over-drive. Send out a tasting pack that you can present live in your event space. Maybe send some perfume to get people in the mood for your luxury brand. Sending your attendees a package worth of real world goodies is a great way to boost engagement even further and make your event space even more memorable.

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