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Colour Andre (CA) has been in operation since 2013. An award winning multimedia agency producing video, animation, 3D, event space design, interactive content, and branding for both agency and direct clients.

The Director, Andre Ash has run his own design businesses since he was 14, lectured at the Australian Academy of Design, and worked internationally on some of the world’s largest brands. He has also been recently featured in the Canne Advertising Awards, speaking on the topic of design innovation

Features: Connect, Share, Experience

With features the real world can only dream of to help drive your ROI.

3D Interactive Products

Show your product in a way not available in the real world. 3D versions of your product can be created that allow attendees to see the inner workings of your product, see customisation options and find-out detailed information.

Video Content

The most highly consumed content in the world today, video is also the most highly retained. You’ll be able to tell stories in more detail and with more emotion than still imagery, without the density of copy heavy content.

Interactive Content

Send your pre-registered attendees a package that includes something to kick their senses into over-drive. Send out a tasting pack that you can present live in your event space. Maybe send some perfume to get people in the mood for your luxury brand. Sending your attendees a package worth of real world goodies is a great way to boost engagement even further and make your event space even more memorable.


We want your work to be engaging, vivid and emotional. We want it to be clear and easy to understand, and still tell a compelling story. In our world we don’t accept bland. It’s all about breathing life into the message to make it fly. We can create your wall artwork, brochures, as well as video and animation with a cohesive brand look and feel that will finish off your virtual event space.

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