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Data Capture and Analytics

Virtual Event Spaces realises the importance of good quality data capture and analytics tools.

Data capture and analytics are critical to maximise ROI. With a virtual event, you don’t have to rely on business cards in a bowl or trying to make sure you scan the nametag of every visitor to your stand. Virtual Event Spaces sites capture hugely useful information such as, what attendees showed the most interest in, as well as standard demographics and contact information.

Visitor Data

Session Duration

Track how long attendees' have explored you event space for. Across multiple or individual session. Total, Average & Indivudual Users

Media Consumption

Track attendees' media consumption of your videos, presentations, documents and product views. Total, Average & Individual Users.


See where your attendees' have been clicking to see which have the highest engagment. Page and button level. Total, Average & Individual Users.



United States of America 63,021

China 21,297

Australia 43,211

United Kingdom 11,211

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